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6 Traits of Future-Ready Contact Centers
Does your financial institution have any of these traits?

According to Cornerstone Advisors research, only a third of bank and credit union executives believe that their contact centers are future-ready. Odds are, your contact center is probably not on the list! In this webinar recording, Adapt and Cornerstone reveal the results of a study conducted that clearly identified six best practices used by future-ready financial institutions. Size and technology investments play an important role, but the most important factors distinguishing future-ready contact centers from the rest of the pack are the practices with which they manage this critical channel. 

Ryan Brogan, Senior Consultant with Cornerstone Advisors, and Tim Passios, SVP Marketing & Sales, dig into topics like:

  • Fraud Management
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Referral Management
  • Sales Management
  • People Management
  • Metrics Management